Chefs in Exile

I recently came across a website for an upcoming book called Chefs In Exile that looks really promising. Excerpt from the website:

This book will be the stories of some 25-30 of New Orleans’ top chefs, who “cooked in exile” either in a distant city, or in a communal situation while surrounded by miles of floodwaters during the aftermath of the hurricane. They cooked as a means to distract themselves and to provide comfort to others, including the men and women who were risking their lives to rescue others. All of their stories are colorful and a wonderful testament to the strength of the human spirit.

I’m certainly going to pick up a copy. Additionally, if one of the authors is who I think he is, we attended school together for a few years. It’s a small world after all.
Oh, I’m sorry, did I just stick that horrible, horrible song in your heads?

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08 2006

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