I really love to get comments on this website. 99% of the legitimate comments are great; for example, when I reviewed Poppy Brite’s book, and she actually commented on it with some insight into the work and her style. That made me all kinds of happy.
But lately the spambots are in overdrive, and they’ve got a new tactic. Usually when I get inundated with spam, it’s 30 comments all pimping the same website. That’s very easy to deal with using the MT Blacklist app that my all-powerful and all-knowing webhost/admin/lover* John has set up for me. The way it works is this. I spend around three hours huffing paint in a dark room, then I copy the url of the offending website into a field to add it to my blacklist, and click a button. All of the comments that are pimping that particular website are then deleted, and all of the entries are automatically rebuilt (a technical term that John assures me means that internet fairies are sacrificing themselves to clean up the affected entries.) It’s all very simple.
As I said, lately things have changed. The latest variety of spambot uses individual spoofed email addresses, and each one pimps a different website. Meaning that I have to add each one to the blacklist individually, and people, that’s a LOT of paint to huff. So it occurred to me that I can actually close the comments on older posts, and do away with most of the problem. Which is what I’m going to do. Every once in a while I’ll get a comment to a post I made a long time ago – usually it’s my “open letter to the food network” post, which is still getting at least one comment every two weeks long after I wrote it. But sometimes it’s a comment to a recipe I wrote that corrects the recipe, points out an error, or just says thanks.
I am going to try to keep comments active for some of the older posts; those I think might actually get some attention, and which might best benefit from comments. The rest are going to be closed.
I know this is going to devastate a lot of people who were just waiting for the right time to post that incisive comment on my 2002 review of Bayona, but we’re all just going to have to learn to deal with it.
*In his dreams.**
**No seriously, he dreams about me, and shares those dreams with the world in the form of erotic stories usually featuring me, Princess Amidala, a wookiee, and a half-dozen ewoks. It’d be creepy if it wasn’t so hot.

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08 2006

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