I Didn't Like the Sound of Iron Chef Besh Anyway

I’m sure that Chef Besh is disappointed not to have won the title “Iron Chef,” but frankly, it’s good for those of us who live in New Orleans and enjoy his cooking. It’s also good for Besh’s soul, since having sustained contact with the prancing dandy they call “The Chairman” could not possibly have a beneficial affect. I mean, Jesus, look what they’ve done to Alton Brown.
I didn’t watch most of the series, and when I did, I couldn’t realy stomach the “judging” segments. While I recognize that anyone would look like a pompous dingleberry when filmed having a serious discussion about whether one or another chef had captured the spirit of smoked mushrooms; but I bet Andrew Knowlton comes across as a pompous dingleberry under the best of circumstances.
I had breakfast yesterday at Luke, and although my meal wasn’t prepared by an iron Chef, it was still pretty good. I’ll have lunch at August in the near future too, and if past trends are any indication, I’ll enjoy it. Besh is one of, if not the most talented in New Orleans.
And I’m not shedding too many tears for Besh; he’ll be featured in the November 22nd episode of Iconoclasts with Wynton Marsalis. I have a feeling that he’ll continue to pop up in the media from time to time. Call it a hunch…

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