3 essential steps before demolishing your kitchen

You will also need to consider the arrival times of products for your kitchen. It’s best to wait for all of your kitchen materials to arrive before starting the kitchen demolition. Know when you can expect everything from appliances to furniture to arrive. CliqStudios furniture takes four to six weeks to build and arrive at your home.

Finally, you will want to familiarize yourself with your space and how you want to change it. Measuring your space and ordering cabinet samples are key to creating your complete vision. Another key resource is talking to a professional designer to help you imagine your finished project.

2. Prepare for life without a kitchen

Is your history ready? Don’t start swinging the hammer just yet.

Once you have all your products and have confirmed that everything is in good condition, we recommend that you establish your temporary kitchen. This will be your hub for preparing meals and storing kitchen supplies until the renovation is complete. It is important that you have this space ready before the demo because once you start, you cannot go back.

There are many items that will help your temporary kitchen succeed. For home cooking, consider a microwave or stove. Or, if the weather is nice during the renovation, consider grilling outdoors. A small refrigerator is another smart choice for easy storage or perishable items and leftovers. Alternatively, you can budget for dining out more often during the renovation. Other good items include paper plates, cups, and cutlery to cut down on cleaning time.

3. Collect your demolition tools

Finally, you have established your history. Everything is ready for your renovation. In other words, that means it’s hammer time, right? Wait a moment longer. Do you have the right tools to demolish your kitchen? Collecting supplies early will save you from repeated visits to the hardware store.

Essential tools for a DIY project include:

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