5 reasons why you should say “S” to Quartz

Quartz has grown in popularity among homeowners over the past decade. Faced with the difficult decision of quartz or granite countertops, many remodeling customers have chosen quartz as their material of choice. Choosing the material of the countertop is another thing to add to the list of choices that must be made when faced with a kitchen remodel. Listed below are 5 reasons why quartz has been the top choice among homeowners. Quartz isn’t just a fad, it’s here to stay in the remodeling world!

Product material

Quartz is a manufactured material. This engineered stone is first found as a common mineral mined from the Earth. The quartz is then processed and melted with resinous binders under intense heat and pressure to form a solid plate. From there, pigments are added to the countertop to give you the presentation that appears in your home. As this material is manufactured, it allows for a wide variety of colors and designs. Quartz can be made to have a uniform appearance ensuring consistency in the remodeling project.


Quartz is also a highly durable material that can easily withstand the daily wear and tear of kitchen gifts. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, this material is rated 7 out of 10. And along with durability, quartz is also crack resistant. The kitchen is the place where creativity and craftsmanship really show up. You don’t want to hold onto your cooking skills for fear of damaging your workspace. Quartz offers you that safety net that ensures that your kitchen is functional and aesthetic.

Not porous

Quartz, being the low maintenance material, resists stains like a pro. You are right. Quartz can resist wine, oil and any other type of spill. Clutter happens quite frequently in a kitchen and with quartz there is no reason to worry that it has seriously damaged your beautiful countertops. Since quartz is a non-porous material, it is also resistant to bacteria, allowing for safer and cleaner workspaces.


Quartz’s quality is constantly supported and cemented by its manufacturers. These manufacturing locations have so much confidence in their quartz products that they often offer generous warranties alongside your quartz purchases. Warranties on quartz are typically around 15-25 years.


Finally, quartz is a highly versatile material. Yes, it looks great in a kitchen, but thanks to its durability and endless engineering options, quartz is great for all places. It has endless applications. Looking for a bathroom countertop, a newly renovated bar space or any other place in your home, quartz is the choice for you.

Kitchen solvers

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