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From HGTV to real life, this Ditmas Park rhine is a scene stealer

Editor’s note: Blane’s apartment overhaul is truly unforgettable. The post, originally published in 2016, shows a mix of high-end materials and appliances paired with budget cabinets. An accountant by profession, Blane knows when to splurge and when to save, mixing stock items with custom pieces throughout the home. Read on for a clever kidney and play a fun “find the puppy!” in the photos below.

After “countless hours of watching HGTV,” Blane started having big thoughts about ways she could improve the kitchen and bathroom in her Ditmas Park / North Midwood condo. While neither room was in particularly bad shape, he knew that when he moved he would be plagued by the lack of light in the kitchen, and the bathroom didn’t seem to match modern updates elsewhere in the apartment. With visions of a TV-worthy remodel, he posted his blueprint on Sweeten, a free service that pairs homeowners with vetted contractors, and was introduced to this Sweeten general contractor.

Blane works as an accountant in a law firm and is no stranger to budgets, so he was meticulous with his planning, choice of materials, and coming up with a game plan before even meeting a contractor. With an initial budget of $ 35K, he planned to light the kitchen with cabinets in a lighter shade, substantially increase the limited counter space with an island, add a sliding door to the bedroom to keep the entry transition the as efficient as possible and cultivate a luxurious vibe in the master bathroom with an oversized walk-in shower and neutral color scheme in place of its current mint and slightly medical vibe.

kitchen and bathroom renovationkitchen and bathroom renovation

After extensive research and some early attempts to design his own furniture footprint, he started with his contractor. First, the team decided to tackle the bathroom. Here, Blane drew inspiration from an unlikely place. “My first purchase was actually the bathroom, and things have evolved around there,” said Blane. “I’ve never had any kind of elegant bathroom like that before. The new bathroom has a remote control, which I had never heard of. The Japanese are at the forefront of luxury, so we trust them ”. The Toto toilet was just the beginning of the luxurious atmosphere.

Blane chose a combination of slate and hex mosaic tiles for the wall, with a neutral mix of stone and wood for the heated (yes, heated!) Floors. He then went the extra mile with a double-width walk-in shower with a custom glass sliding door and rainfall showerhead, plus a double vanity basin, in long-term planning to make the apartment fit for coexistence. The contractor team completed the detailed work with a sloping, yet sturdy, bench design in the shower and a herringbone tile design on the bathroom floor, all in a soothing palette of gray.

kitchen and bathroom renovationkitchen and bathroom renovationkitchen and bathroom renovation

In the kitchen, Blane has chosen white wall units with gray bases, giving the space a brighter and more modern effect. After extensive research focusing on IKEA, the contractor actually suggested that Blane swap her design for a similar cabinet option from Home Depot, which provided him with the same bright, lacquered uppers, with a striped gray laminate bottom. . The team removed a wall and moved the oven to the other side of the cabinet line, opening the kitchen and improving the flow for preparation and service. To give Blane even more space for culinary (and entertainment) ventures, the team introduced an island with a durable cascading quartz countertop with room for bar seating. Bonus: the island has its own electrical outlets, thanks to the contractor who sneaked into a power source under some floorboards.

kitchen and bathroom renovationkitchen and bathroom renovationkitchen and bathroom renovationkitchen and bathroom renovation

In the dining room, Blane purchased a stunning ghost wood table, handcrafted by Jim at Breukelen Tafel in Carroll Gardens. To highlight the space, he and the team created a wallpapered accent wall to join the table, gray walls, and white and gray in the kitchen. “I think the wall, even if it was a simple thing, is now one of the best features of the apartment,” said Blane.

kitchen and bathroom renovation

Blane admits the process was mostly painless, despite living in the apartment with a dog during the renovation. Although he surpassed his budget by 40%, he admits it was because of his decisions to choose more premium materials rather than uncontrolled labor costs. Even with the bathroom and kitchen being worked on at the same time, Blane was impressed that living in the rubble was possible thanks to the team’s efforts to seal off work areas and minimize dust. Looking at the finished product, Blane is thrilled. “I’m really happy it worked,” Blane said. “Mainly because I didn’t have a designer and I was relying on my accounting skills to make good decisions.” Even though the contractor wasn’t from a design and construction company, his decades of experience allowed Blane to lean on him for opinions and advice.

But Blane’s best advice for anyone involved with the process is to do as much research as possible and be ready to adapt when challenges arise. Uncomfortable problems can sometimes be opportunities: When a slight problem with Blane’s closet or gaps between the wall and ceiling panels was discovered, the contractor came up with elegant solutions that often improved the original design. “They are very proud of their work and even came back to do a touch up here and there when things settled down in the months following the end of the project, at no extra cost,” Blane said. “If the final results don’t already speak for themselves, I highly recommend them.”

kitchen and bathroom renovation

Now Blane has the space to lie down in her remodeled apartment with one of Brooklyn’s loveliest dogs, her new puppy, Harvey. However, he shyly admits that he doesn’t always use that kitchen for intense five-star dishes. “I’m cooking more now than I was before, but you get that sandwich kick and it’s hard to change from that.”

KITCHEN RESOURCES: Martha Stewart Living Lancombe Avenue High Gloss Picket Fence Upper Cabinets and Martha Stewart Living Weston in Persian Gray Lower Cabinets: Home Depot. Furniture knobs: Belwith. Cabinet handles: Hickory. Under-cabinet lighting: Lightkiwi. Faucet and soap dispenser: Moen. Sink: Kraus. Pendants: ET2 online. Backsplash Bellavita Bamboo Planks: Discount Glass Tile Store. InSinkErator Waste Disposal: Amazon. Panasonic microwave oven and finishing kit: Amazon. Knight Cape: Overstock.com. Halo LED ceiling light: Amazon. Quartzmasters 1 1/4 ″ White Arabascato Countertops: ATP Services (2729b W 16th St, Brooklyn).

BATHROOM RESOURCES: Stone: ATP Services (2729b W 16th St, Brooklyn). Hansgrohe wall-mounted shower rod set, rain shower head and finishes: Decorprice. Wyndham Collection linen and vanity tower: Wayfair. Sink Faucets: ModernBathroom. Gatco towel holder and toilet paper holder: Amazon. Toto toilet: Amazon. Somertile Cliff Hexagon Black wall tiles: Amazon. Metro Gris 12-inch x 24-inch wall tiles and Mountain Dapple Gray 6-inch x 24-inch floor tile: Home Depot. Three Finish White Wood and Granite Hexagon Mosaic Shower Tiles – Discount Glass Tile Store. Custom glass doors and hardware: Silver Glass & Mirror Brooklyn. George Kovacs Saber Chrome 12 inch 24 LED lights bathroom wall light: Bellacor. Sliding system: CR Laurence Co., Inc. Heated floor system: SunTouch.

RESOURCES DINING ROOM: Nottingham Wallpaper in White and Gray: Graham & Brown. Sliding Door Hardware: Barn Door Hardware. Dining table: Breukelen Tafel.

The two-tone cabinet effect in Jane’s kitchen, white at the top and gray at the bottom, makes the space seem larger while adding much-needed contrast.

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