Before and after: Brooklyn Heights kitchen remodel

Last week we caught up with Lisa Law, a Brooklyn Heights homeowner who recently finished a low-cost kitchen remodel. with member tS NYC Pros. Now that you’ve heard the background, as documented by Lisa herself, this week Lisa reveals the result of her fully updated kitchen, along with a helpful summary of her projected budget and actual cost of the project.

I love my new kitchen! Although I had chosen every element of the new kitchen, I was worried that the finished whole would not be equivalent to the sum of all the parts; would it work consistently in the end? There were some stressful moments and I had to make some quick decisions that could have gone wrong, but in the end I decided to hit some important goals and I think I’ve more than achieved them all. I have more closet space, more countertop space, bigger appliances, it looks a lot more modern and cozy, and it’s been done in a fairly budget- and time-conscious way. In fact, my kitchen now makes the rest of my apartment look pretty dingy!




The budget

I generally stayed within budget. As I said, this was a “limited budget refurb”. I originally planned to spend $ 6,000, which increased to $ 9,000 when I decided to replace my appliances. In the end, I hit nearly $ 11,000, but it was due to a couple of “extras” that I didn’t take into account: shipping, taxes, etc. I also asked Peter to install some new medicine cabinets in my bathroom. Renovations can be addictive, I didn’t want to stop!

Guy Item Esteem Actual
Cooker hood Zephyr Breeze I Series AK1124 $ 209
Heater Summit Pro TNM616RW Series $ 739 $ 1.00900
Fridge LG LRBP1031T $ 805 $ 950
Countertop and Sink False ceiling $ 1,200 $ 1,500
Cabinets Cabinets $ 2,500 $ 2,671
Work contract Work contract $ 3,200 $ 4,000
Sink Kraus KBU15 $ 230 N / A
Delivery Ikea shipping costs $ 64
backsplash Merola tile Tessera tile $ 251 $ 274
Vinyl floors TrafficMaster floor tile $ 136
Toll parking Ikea parking $ 100
backsplash Additional Merola tile $ 152
TOTAL $ 9,134 $ 10,856
DIFFERENCE – $ 1,722


30 days later

For me, the hardest part of having a new kitchen was figuring out where it all goes. I suppose in hindsight I would have had to plan where my dishes, cutlery, cleaning products, pantry items, etc. would be stored. My goal was just to maximize storage space efficiently, in the best possible way, but I didn’t really think about which lockers would store which items! Luckily for me, I’ve put in enough drawers and cabinets that I’ve just found a place for everything. Minus some tall objects, like my Swiffer. Oops – note to myself for next time.

I also put my cooking to the test at this point, having already hosted two dinners, one for my family (party of 7) and one for some friends (party of 4). The new arrangement has cleverly allowed my fiancé and me to cook and clean together, with minimal effort. My kitchen report card after 30 days? I still appreciate it – it’s so bright, clean and modern, I’m 100% happy I did!


We love it too, Lisa! Thank you so much for all your great insights into budget renewal with theSweeten!

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