Bring your home office back to life with a makeover

Message center on the bulletin board

Message centers are great for keeping your office clean and clearing your mind of to-do lists. This comes with a hidden magnetic whiteboard to keep those lists and reminders hidden.

Base cabinet with pull-out table

A one door and one drawer option that comes with a pull-out table that can handle up to 200 lbs. evenly distributed. Use it as an extra workspace to increase your desktop surface when you’re in trouble.

Wall unit with removable shelf

Use this cabinet to incorporate more universal design and accessibility into your home. Gently pull the shelf handle guides the accessory down and out of the cabinet.

Self-supporting island or mobile trolley

Move your desktop sit-stand to this mobile island or cart to reduce visual clutter in your main workspace. You will have the ability to move this piece around the room whenever you feel like it.

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