Create a custom kitchen design for every budget

July 23, 2021CliqStudios Marketing3 comments

A style for every budget

Everyone has a budget to remodel their kitchen. Whether it’s modest or exorbitant, the budget for remodeling your kitchen [What do cabinets cost?] it will be a road map for your project. Balancing style with price will help you create a kitchen that fits not just the needs of your wallet, but the needs of your home. Here’s a look at the types of customization you can incorporate into your kitchen design to fit your budget.

A practical budget is an excellent solution for a clean, modern look. Cut out the frills and embrace a streamlined approach to your design. Slab wardrobe doors, such as Style-31 by CliqStudios, are unmistakably modern and reflect a mid-century modern furniture design.

A black and white kitchen remodel.

A timeless kitchen offers a deeper dive into the details that can go into your kitchen design. Decorative details like molding are included, but updates are modest. Modest, however, doesn’t mean lack of style. A timeless kitchen also means you’ll have to make fewer adjustments over the years to stay in line with trends. Some storage solutions are also included, although they are modest. This will also make your home more flexible for resale.

Kitchen with cabinets and island with built-in door

A luxury kitchen is a dream kitchen. It comes complete with all the bells and whistles that can be included in a kitchen project. This includes many to help increase kitchen efficiency and bring out personal style.

A team to create your dream

Regardless of your style or budget, CliqStudios is ready to help you make the kitchen of your dreams come true. Whether it’s simple and streamlined, timeless and detailed or luxurious, we understand and respect the budget you’ve created. []

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