Glam stoves: unlikely stars in 6 kitchen renovations in New York

Here on the Sweeten blog, we aim to translate information from New York City restorers and contractors into information you can use to make better decisions about improving your home. A surprising lesson we’ve learned from more than a few major kitchen renovations is that appliances don’t have to disappear against the backdrop of a beautiful space – they can play a starring role. The stove, in particular, is a workhorse that can double as the centerpiece of a thoughtful kitchen, sometimes even worth designing at all, and a great sign of a newly remodeled kitchen for anyone looking for resale value. This week: we’ve rounded up some of those unlikely “stellar” kitchen appliances from Sweeten’s renovation projects.

Wolf gas range – 30 ″

Instantly recognizable by its signature red knobs, the Wolf range is made from stainless steel and features four surface seal burners and dual stack high and low heat settings. Dan and Mike in Hell’s Kitchen coordinated pots and cutlery to match the bold red color against the warm backdrop of the natural and synthetic wood finishes.

Wolf range kitchen appliance

Viking Series 3 gas range – 30 ″

The Viking range has become synonymous with performance. The Series 3 Gas Range has five surface-tight burners and self-cleans by burning residues in the oven. Robyn and Alejandro in Brooklyn’s Columbia Waterfront neighborhood have oriented the entire design of their brand new kitchen around this sparkling Viking model.

Kitchen appliance with stove from the Viking range

Bertazzoni Serie Master Gas Cooker – 30 ″

Made in Italy, the Bertazzoni Master Series gas range is a dominant player in the world of high-end stoves. The hob is equipped with four double crown surface burners (external and internal) that control the flame and distribute the heat more evenly. Bernice and Davison on the Upper West Side complemented their porcelain floors imported from Italy with a Bertazzoni gas range to complete their kitchen transformation.

Bertazzoni Master Series Kitchen Appliances

Samsung gas cooker – 25 ″

The Samsung Gas Range keeps sophisticated technicians in mind with its intuitive and elegant touch-screen control panel. The flexible hob has five watertight burners and a large-capacity oven to accommodate multiple dishes at the same time. Lee in Midtown East traded in a new Samsung stove that seamlessly complements IKEA furniture lines in his minimalist kitchen.

Samsung kitchen appliance

Capital Culinary Gas Range – 30 ″

Unlike some gas ranges with surface seal burners, the Capital Culinarian Range is an outlier known for its high BTU open burners that provide maximum control and even heat distribution, excellent for wok cooking and cooking. frying. An Upper East Side family that loves to cook has selected a Capital Culinarian range with an understated “British racing green” finish for maximum functionality and durability.

Capital Culinarian Gas cooker appliance

Whirlpool kitchen – 30 “

The Whirlpool gas range offers a more vintage, relaxed look with five dual-fuel burners and edge-to-edge cooking grates that cover the entire hob. Inspired by Scandinavian design, a couple from Clinton Hill installed a simple white Whirlpool stove for a more austere, low-tech look.

Whirlpool gas stove

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