How closet makeover can transform your kitchen

Your kitchen cabinets need a refresh. Maybe they are peeling or stained. Maybe you are just tired of the color or finish. But you’re reluctant to rip out all those cabinets, rip the walls, and start over – it’s expensive and could knock out your entire kitchen!

Kitchen Tune-Up’s furniture makeover service can transform your kitchen without the clutter, fuss and expense of a remodel job. Get the beauty and benefits of new-looking cabinets in days, not weeks. How do you decide if the furniture makeover is right for you? Check out this primer to learn how refacing works.

What is closet makeover?

Cabinet doors and drawers tend to wear out faster than cabinet frames. When making furniture, we remove doors and drawers but keep existing frames (or “boxes”) of kitchen cabinets in place. We cover the boxes with a new wood or laminate veneer. Then we install new cabinet doors, drawer fronts and hardware. The wardrobes look completely new, and the doors and drawer fronts we are new, with the original boxes veneered specifically to match them.

Here’s what refacing isn’t: He’s not painting existing cabinets. It is not refining the wood on existing wood cabinets. Don’t get us wrong – for many kitchens, painting cabinets or revitalizing wood with Kitchen Tune-Up’s wood renovation process are ideal choices! But if veneer and new door cladding is right for your kitchen, we have the experience and a fantastic selection of materials to make your furniture look like new.

What is the furniture makeover?

Is redo or renewal the right option?

Ask yourself these questions to decide if a makeover is the best option for your particular kitchen.

Want a fresher look, but don’t want to pay big bucks for a full makeover? HomeAdvisor says the makeover costs 30% to 50% less than remodeling the kitchen cabinet. This allows you to redo the cost advantage, if you mainly want to alter the look of the kitchen and not change its functionality or footprint.

Do I like the current layout of my kitchen? If your home layout is working efficiently, there’s no need to tear up the cabinets for a full remodel job. Makeover maintains the layout while updating the look.

Are the cabinet boxes in good condition? We will inspect your cabinets and tell you if the boxes have any damage or other problems which mean that replacement, instead of re-wrapping, is the best choice. If the boxes are sturdy, remaking is likely an option.

Would I like to continue using my kitchen as normal during the upgrade? The makeover requires no demolition and doesn’t move appliances, so you can keep using your kitchen while we’re at work. Our makeover service usually takes only two to four days. We clean the area every day before we leave, so you have a usable kitchen during the makeover process!

Am I going to stay in this house for a while? If you are planning to move in within a few years, painting may be an option for your kitchen cabinets. But if you aim to use these lockers for years to come, the makeover gives you incredibly durable long-term lockers.

What is the furniture makeover?

Makeover, step by step

What will you experience if you choose the makeover?

Choose your beautiful new doors and drawers. Browse our large collection of kitchen cabinet door styles. Talk to your Kitchen Tune-Up expert about the styles that work best on your closet boxes. Our door catalog has options galore, in styles, sizes, finishes and colors to liven up any space. Kitchen Tune-Up also features exclusive door designs created just for our customers, giving you unique choices you won’t find anywhere else. As an established home improvement company operating nationwide, Kitchen Tune-Up gets bargain prices from furniture manufacturers. Let’s spend those savings with you.

Consider if you want to add new cabinets, a kitchen island, or more drawers instead of cabinets. With Kitchen Tune-Up’s Makeover Plus option, you can add these changes as we do the makeover.

Say goodbye to old closet doors and drawers. The next time you see the drawers, they will have new fronts that match your new cabinet doors.

We veneer the boxes. Using wood or rigid thermofoil (RTF) veneer, we cover the fronts and sides of the cabinet boxes. RTF is a melamine product known for strength and versatility: RTF is available in colors and patterns to suit a range of design schemes.

Your new doors and drawers arrive. We install new hinges as needed, then hang the new cabinet doors and install the drawers. To complete the fresh look, add new door handles and drawer handles.

Can’t I do it alone?

Yes. Practical homeowners can replace drawer doors and fronts and even attach veneers to cabinet boxes. Measuring accurately and choosing materials carefully are essential. You’ll need to get hold of drawer fronts and doors and a matching veneer, as well as adhesives and tools for attaching the veneer. Don’t forget hinges and hardware.

While it’s possible to do it yourself, if you’re looking to freshen up your cabinets, consider letting your nearest kitchen optimization team do it for you. Ask about our finishing service today and compare it to the time it would take for DIY finishing.

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