How kitchen setup can help you update your kitchen

Creating the kitchen of your dreams doesn’t necessarily mean turning the busiest space in your home into a construction zone for weeks on end! At Kitchen Tune-Up, we partner with you to choose your best option to quickly rejuvenate a kitchen. Take a look at our services, you will surely find the right one for your needs.

The original tuning

Our Original Tune-Up refurbishes dull and dirty wood furniture so it looks as good as new. We remove grease, dirt, wax and smoke. We touch up the faded colors, then finish with our special oil to restore the dried wood. Most tune-ups are done in one day, which means your kitchen will get back to work quickly!

Renovation of the kitchen

Refurbishment of lockers

If your closet boxes are in good condition and you like their shape and size, closet makeover is a great option. Browse our door catalog and choose new doors and drawer fronts to match your current cabinet box. We can change the handles, handles and hinges to update them to a like new look. This economical choice can save you up to 75% on the cost of new lockers.

Cabinet painting

You like the style of your furniture but are tired of the finish or color. You could paint them yourself, but it takes time. Let our efficient furniture painting service take care of it. We remove doors and drawers and whisk them away for cleaning, priming and painting. We bait and paint boxes and frames or apply new matching panels, then reinstall the doors. We can change the hardware for a completely revamped look.

Makeover of the kitchen cabinet

Refurbishment of the wardrobe

We change the doors of your wardrobes and the fronts of the drawers is add a coordinated veneer on existing boxes with our furniture makeover service. What if you want more cabinets, more drawers or a kitchen island? We can do all this and more. Just ask about our Refacing Plus option.

Custom cabinets for kitchen setup

Custom cabinets

Perhaps the layout is awkward, or you need more storage space, or you crave a nice makeover of an outdated kitchen; Kitchen Tune-Up’s custom furniture service might be for you. We will work with you to design the kitchen of your dreams and produce bespoke designs for your space. As we are a nationally established company, we get great prices from manufacturers and pass these savings on to you.

Organizers and accessories for kitchen optimization

Organize your kitchen

Kitchen Tune-Up can enhance your storage options with pull-out trays, pull-out waste and recycling bins, drawer organizers, spice racks, and lazy Susan. We store them inside lockers for tidy storage with easy access. We also have full extension drawer slides to give you access to every inch of your drawer space.

From the simplest original set up to complete makeovers, Kitchen Tune-Up will help you make your kitchen dreams come true. Contact your local kitchen optimization office today!

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