How to design bathroom furniture in just five steps

This week CliqStudios was asked to design custom bathroom furniture for a client. He wants his new bathroom furniture to match the style of his existing furniture and he needs it in the master bathroom.

Here are the steps we followed to design the new piece of furniture:

1) Determine the space

First we asked her about the existing space. He wants the new wardrobe to fit into the existing space. The current countertop height is approximately 33 inches, and bathroom counters can range from 31 to 36 inches in height.

2) Examine the function

The new cabinets must have two sinks like its existing vanity. The existing vanity has a closet behind the doors under each sink and drawers between the sink. We decided to keep functional storage in the new design.

3) Identify the style

Our client prefers a traditionally shaped built-in washbasin. He would also like painted cabinets with partially overlapping doors. Then, we’ll fake finish the furniture to match the rest of the house.

4) Consider the storage space

Our client also wants additional storage. We will add a small countertop cabinet between the sinks to achieve this. In addition, the door will be equipped with sown glass with a fabric curtain to hide the clutter of the bathroom.

5) Selection of the false ceiling

We will use Cambria countertops like the rest of the house.

Making sure you have the most functional space in your home bathroom is important! If you need a bathroom makeover, keep in mind what you already use your current furniture for and what they may be missing.

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