Kitchen design on the rise

Homeowners spent more time indoors than ever last year. By taking the place of going out, we have all acquired a new familiarity with our homes. And at least for myself, all the hours spent inside gave me a lot of time to figure out what worked well in my home and what needed to go. When things really started to open up, I had a game plan for what I wanted to change. And like me, many other homeowners have had the same idea. With a huge renovation boom and new kitchen designs come new trends and designs. Here are some of the most popular kitchen designs and trends that are on the rise.

Open concept

An open concept kitchen has started to gain momentum in the remodeling world. The main reason homeowners are so drawn to an open kitchen is the inclusiveness it offers. An open kitchen helps break the barrier that separates the kitchen and living room. It gives everyone a chance to be part of the action. If you’re making dinner, you don’t have to worry about wasting family time, the big game, or conversing with your guests.

White kitchen

A white kitchen will never go out of style. It is a timeless classic thanks to the elegance and simplicity that the design brings. A white kitchen encompasses a multitude of qualities. It is minimalist, calm, direct, clean and bright. Installing a white kitchen as your main design also means it can match any material, splash of color, artwork, or appliances you want. It’s a great option if you’re looking to make your space brighter and more natural.

More storage space

You can never have enough storage. In a kitchen, organization is one of the most important factors. Increasing kitchen storage space works to maximize space and give you maximum versatility. If you’re looking for places and ways to incorporate more storage, a popular feature in the kitchen layout process has been to include a walk-in pantry and large island. Both of these structures ensure that there is never a shortage of space in your kitchen.


Marble is always popular in kitchens and its sales continue to rise. This material exudes luxury and elegance, especially marble with strong veins. Marble is chosen not only for its seductive style, but also for the beautiful contrast it creates with other kitchen details, such as metal taps, wood and flush lamps.

Natural light

No lighting fixture can replace natural light. Installing windows in your kitchen not only brightens the whole room, but also provides an easy way to incorporate a more natural feel into the space. Windows make any kitchen brighter and more inviting, while also providing excellent ventilation. If you are looking to add more windows to your kitchen, one of the favorite places to add windows among homeowners is right above the kitchen sink.

Colorful colors in the kitchen

Adding your own unique style to your kitchen is the surest way to make your home feel like home. A pop of color not only personalizes your space but also grabs attention. A pop of color is super versatile, which is the main reason homeowners love the trend so much. Whether it’s the kitchen island base, curtains, kitchen wall cabinets, a funky rug, or bases in bold colors, you won’t regret incorporating a pop of color into your kitchen.

Kitchen solvers

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