Laura’s Kitchen Renovation – Sweeten up on Windsor Terrace!

Some people approach a kitchen remodel with great enthusiasm and boundless energy – hours of waiting, researching, pinning and hunting devoted to a major undertaking. Brooklynite Laura is not one of those people. When Laura decided it was finally time to renovate the 1950s kitchen of her Windsor Terrace cooperative, she embarked on the project with complete pragmatism. After remodeling the kitchen of a previous house and watching the process drag on and bury herself in the minutiae, Laura had no interest in being obsessed with decisions – she wanted a contractor who could help her bring the kitchen into this millennium as he explicitly steered her up. what he needed and when.

Laura lived in her two-bedroom, two-bathroom co-op for about five years before taking care of the old school kitchen. The kitchen footprint gave her quite a bit of storage space, but the floor had been fired and only seemed functional in the five minutes after cleaning. Laura had a real affection for the original stove (complete with oven for reheating), but an update was clearly in need. After hearing good things about Sweeten from a friend obsessed with renovation, has published its restructuring and paired it with Sweeten expert Kris, who had also worked at that same friend’s house.


Laura had ambitious plans to carve out a pantry from the space in the dining room, but Kris explained that the move might be too expensive. Instead, they worked together to create a plan that would be structurally identical to what was already there, but significantly improved.

“I am someone who cannot read an architect’s drawing. The details of all the things you should keep track of, right down to buying cabinet knobs, drove me crazy, “said Laura.” I wanted the contractor to take as much care as possible. “And so he did. Cris. She started by creating a plan she could read and then got to work installing custom maple cabinets, translucent subway backsplash tiles, and a cheery aqua paint finish to brighten the room.

Laura chose sturdy granite counter tops, and Kris added a new built-in corner along with open shelving above for storing cookbooks, putting an end to the habit of running around the studio every time Laura wanted to check a recipe. The neutral ceramic floor tiles ensure Laura doesn’t have to clean often for the kitchen to look its best.

The entire renovation cost about $ 35,000, no major surprises thanks to Kris and her simple plan.

Brooklyn kitchen remodel sweeten

Brooklyn kitchen remodel sweeten

Brooklyn kitchen remodel sweeten

Kris was so efficient that the project initially came within budget, so he was able to throw in some targeted upgrades in the bathroom and keep the total budget in line with the budget. He replaced the delightfully pink and white (but badly damaged) tiles with extra kitchen floor tiles and redone the walls with simple white subway tiles and high-contrast dark grout. Kris removed a throwback wall-mounted laundry photo shoot and added a new sink, mirror, and makeup lamp – all within Laura’s original budget!

The process went smoothly, minus a snowstorm that delayed the quick six-week schedule by exactly one day. Laura attributes the truncated program to her scrapping from soup to walnut in the dead of winter and to Kris. “Kris was very good at letting me know what needed to be done and when it needed to be done,” said Laura. “I didn’t end up with things I couldn’t use or make mistakes, which is what I was afraid of.”

Brooklyn kitchen remodel sweeten

Brooklyn kitchen remodel sweeten

bodum kitchen renovation

Laura’s best advice for renovating? Don’t listen to all the advice! While people might push you to go to a dozen granite places or stare endlessly at chandeliers, there’s no need to overdo it. “I think you can do it without being a fanatic of that stuff, as long as you have some sort of basic idea of ​​what you want.”

Kitchen Select >> Cabinets: custom maple / range and microwave: Frigidaire Gallery Collection from PC Richard and Son / dishwasher: Help in the kitchen from PC Richard and Son / wall color: Jamaican Aqua from Benjamin Moore

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