Make the most of your kitchen remodel

July 12, 2021Guest blogger

Designers are challenged to stick to budgets and create functional spaces with a lasting design. Many times we are tasked with finding greater value than our customers can find on their own. Where are these value-added opportunities? Know where to find your large items and you’ll save thousands on your remodel.

Here are some of our tips for getting the most out of your kitchen remodel.

Know what you like

Look around and collect photos of what you like in each product category. Search websites and magazines to see what’s out there and find out what attracts you. Try searching CliqStudios product photo galleries on other manufacturers’ websites for inspiration. Ask friends, designers and showrooms what’s trending and see them for yourself. This is one of the most affordable steps in any renovation.

My favorite resources are Dwell magazine, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Veranda and Rue. We also like for inspiration from other designers.

Simply stunning kitchen remodel with CliqStudios furniture!

Do you cook?

If you do, perhaps highly accurate appliances will be on your wish list. Your appliance budget will most likely be higher than your kitchen furniture budget.

If you’re not a cook, scale your appliance needs and look for simple stainless steel options. White appliances tend to look outdated, and new black models only fit certain kitchen designs. Stainless steel finishes are still number one for resale value.

Make sure you buy balances and discontinued items. You can save up to 50% of your appliance budget by asking about sales and discontinued floor models. Don’t be afraid to check out the super scratch and dent shops – their models may have that scratch on the side where you’ll never see it anyway.

knock, knock

The main trends in kitchen cabinets are simple door styles and light painted finishes or medium tone wood stains. Blending of finishes is very important and blending of door styles is also a big trend. Discover the CliqStudios wood finishes, available for the Signature line.

Think of the kitchen perimeter in one style and the island in another. We’re designing a kitchen right now with cream-colored wall cabinets and a stained wood island. The more you consider the trends and stay a little cautious, the higher the resale value will be down the road.

Look for quality box construction, quality of finishes and joinery in the final selection of your furniture. If your cabinets are poorly constructed, have drip marks in the finish, or are simply glued together, then it’s time to consider another cabinet manufacturer.

Free design

Layout is extremely important for resale value. Considering flow and function is something certified kitchen designers do every day. What if you could get a designer to work for free on your kitchen project?

Free design is almost too good to be true, but CliqStudios offers free kitchen design in addition to the already high quality cabinet construction for an exceptional cooking experience.

I have worked with many of their designers and they are all extremely skilled to overcome any space limitations and produce a final installation plan for any kitchen. Also as a designer, I am using this source for one of our kitchens because CliqStudios offers specialized skills that would require years of training for an interior designer to acquire.

A contemporary kitchen with CliqStudios Rockford kitchen cabinets with a painted teal finish.

A contemporary kitchen designed by a kitchen designer from CliqStudios.

Work surfaces

Countertops are another expensive item, so how can you find added value here? Purchase remnants for your stone countertops or consider laminate.

Today’s stone installers often have a leftover backyard with all kinds of partial pieces from slabs. If you are flexible and only need small quantities, you can save hundreds of dollars in your budget.

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